GAIL WILSON | Rachel McIntyre

Born in Ipswich, 1984. Rachel responded to an open casting call, and is one of only three cast members from outside the Cotswolds. Brought up in a rural part of Suffolk with three brothers, from her 17th birthday until her early-twenties Rachel struggled with depression and self-image issues. It was for these experiences and her ability to draw on them, rather than her formal acting training at the University of Central Lancashire, that she was cast as GAIL.








NAN WILSON | Patricia Loveland

Born in York, 1936. Patricia met her husband, John, when she was a teenager at music-college. They became friends and John proposed 3 times in as many years but Patricia always said 'no'. They remained close friends. After a while though, Patricia realised that she loved him and asked him to propose a fourth time. Patricia became a widow when John, then a vicar, died two years before filming.