MRS. GLADWIN | Betty Bench

Born in Bristol, 1923. Betty was a land girl during the war. After she met Frank, the pair moved successfully into the restaurant business. They have been married now for over sixty years. Though retired for some time, Frank and Betty remain active and keen travellers. When Frank was still in hospital in 2005, Betty stayed in London in order to visit him every day. They refuse to spend any time apart.








MR. GLADWIN | Frank Bench

Born in London, 1923. A conscientious objector during the war, Frank met Betty while working in the dairy industry. He knew the minute he saw her that he would marry her. Frank, a theatre devotee, became an active member of the Labour party when he retired. Along with Betty he produced a newsletter regarding life on the local estates. He was encouraged to stand by the party and in 1990 became a local councillor. Frank was directing Chekhov's Uncle Vanya when the casting process for the film was taking place.