RACHEL | Megan Palmer

Born in Cheltenham, 1990. Megan was spotted on the street, smoking a cigarette and clearly upset. When interviewed she displayed a raw, compassionate sensibility combined with a candid vulnerability. She explained that her then boyfriend was in prison and told of visiting and writing to him. She broke up with him after his release saying that he could not change his behaviour. Since filming, Megan has worked in a supermarket and warehouse but still harbours ambitions to act again. She currently lives in a hostel.








LARRY | Kurt Taylor

Born in Cheltenham, 1990. Suggested for a role in the film by a mutual friend of Duane Hopkins, Kurt came across as a very mature young man and stood out amongst his 16-year old peers. He spoke of how drugs had affected him and his family and how this had helped him grow-up. He also talked about his views on relationships and how his parents had shaped these. He lives with and is looked after by his father, a serious record collector. Kurt hopes to become a music journalist but also has ambitions to act again.